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X-Mas Figure selection

X-Mas Figure selection

All christmas figures seen here, are wood art that of the UNESCO world heritage region „Erzgebirge“/Ore Mountains. Therefore they are all titled and certified as "Original Erzgebirge". Every detail is lovingly handmade and processed to high quality „Made in Germany“.

Exclusive natural materials like dried cottonwood, Sheep wool and rabbit fur are used to create an Old World Christmas charm.

Christmas figures are suitable for indoor and outdoor usage. They are well balanced for save and stable stance.

For installation however, we recommend a place that is well protected from rain and direct sunlight. This ensures durability and quality on longterm and you can enjoy them even longer.

Life-Size Wooden X-MAS Figures up to 7 feet

They spray festivity, comfort and Christmas anticipation at all times.

Large Christmas Nutcracker Statue from the Ore Mountains

Good protector of big and small, with photo talent

  • Height/Width/Depth: 185 cm / 65 cm / 45 cm
  • Retail price: 3.999 €
Wooden and Large illuminated Miner Statue Germany

Hardworking worker so that a light will appear on you

  • Height/Width/Depth: 185 cm / 65 cm / 60 cm
  • Retail price: 4.199 €
Large wooden Santa Claus Made in Germany

As a friendly fellow, he brings convincing selfie qualities

  • Height/Width/Depth: 205 cm / 100 cm / 90 cm
  • Retail price: 4.199 €
Huge wooden Nutcracker statue 6 feet life size from Germany

As a prince, he swings especially in November and December already subject to his scepter

  • Height/Width/Depth: 180 cm / 60 cm / 45 cm
  • Retail price: 3.999 €
Large German Incense Smokers - Wooden Smokermen

With a light tongue he is the cozy among the wooden figures

  • Height/Width/Depth: 155 cm / 80 cm / 100 cm
  • Retail price: 3.299 €
Giant XXL Smoker from the Ore Mountains

As a diligent smoker, he spreads wellness fragrance at Christmas time

  • Height/Width/Depth: 185 cm / 110 cm / 90 cm
  • Retail price: 4.499 €

Wooden X-MAS Figures up to 5 feet

large christmas nutcracker ornament 4ft

Legitimate heir to the throne of King Albert

  • Height/Width/Depth: 120 cm / 55 cm / 40 cm
  • Retail Price: 2.499 €
large German Smoker figure

Distinguished journeyman with impeccable appearance

  • Height/Width/Depth: 140 cm / 55 cm / 40 cm
  • Retail Price: 2.799 €
Large Germany Christmas Decoration

Strong fellow with a strong appearance

  • Height/Width/Depth: 85 cm / 25 cm / 25 cm
  • Retail Price: 1.399 €
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